What is RetroSpy?

RetroSpy, the next iteration of NintendoSpy, is a hardware+software solution used to display controller inputs on your stream, speedrunning validation, game tutorials, and more. It can convert controller presses into keystrokes to control programs on your computer, such as a split timer, broadcasting software, or any other application that uses a keyboard shortcut. Designed by gamers, speedrunners, and streamers.
Input Display
Display your controller inputs for your viewers to see, without having to add a 2nd camera to your setup.
Console Versatility
From the Atari 2600, to the Nintendo Wii, RetroSpy supports nearly all systems and controllers in between, with more constantly being added to the library.
Display Customization
From a photo realistic controller, to a minimal text layout, with an easy to understand XML based theme language, RetroSpy can appear how ever you desire!
Open Source
Missing a feature or find a bug? Just head over to our GitHub page to bring it to our attention! Know how to code? RetroSpy is fully open source. Join our community and make the application even better.
Multi-System Support
Utilize 1 device for many different supported consoles, no matter the make or model.
Keystroke Trigger
Assign button combinations to keystrokes to split your timer or execute commands in your broadcaster and keep your hands on the controller.