AIM 65 I/O Board


AH5050 compatible AIM 65 I/O Board that provides connectivity to Commodore disk drives, TTY over RS-232 communication and cassette in/out and control.

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Relocated AIM 65 Assembler

The AH5050 EPROM takes up the default Assembler slot, so this is a relocated Assembler, burned to a 2532, that is inserted in the B000 PROM slot.

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This AIM 65 I/O board connects to the Application connector in the back of the AIM 65.


  • TTY over RS-232 communication via a DB-9 connector
  • Cassette audio out (jumper configurable HI or LOW) a mono 3.5mm jack
  • Cassette audio in via a mono 3.5mm jack
  • Cassette remote control via two mono 2.5mm jacks
  • Commodore floppy disk drive, or an SD2IEC, access via the AH5050 software on an EPROM residing at D000 (normal AIM-65 assembler socket)

The TTY over RS-232 communication only works on AIM 65s that have a 3.3K resistor at R24. Earlier AIM 65 units have a 1K resistor at this location.  Since the AH5050 EPROM resides in the AIM 65’s D000 PROM slot, that is typically reserved for the AIM 65 Assembler, I also sell a relocated Assembler burned to a 2532 EPROM that is placed in the AIM 65’s B000 PROM slot.

Includes full color manual, AH5050 software burned to a 2532 EPROM and a USB drive with the original AH5050 manuals.

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