• Support for MiSTer USB controllers
  • PC Keyboard support
  • Unification of Teensy and Arduino firmwares 

The Long Version

Support for MiSTer USB controllers
Any USB controller that is compatible with the MiSTer’s Linux subsystem should work with no special cable is required. This support is for USB controllers only and not controllers used via a SNAC adapter. Although traditional RetroSpy cables should work the same with a SNAC adapter as they would with original hardware. Since there is no standard controller for the MiSTer I have provided a few sample skins to aid in making whatever skin you may want. Instructions for setting it up are located here.

PC Keyboard Support
This allows keyboard of the display PC to be viewed as an input. This is basically the same as supporting joysticks directly on the display PC. At some point I will do the mouse also to complete the trilogy. Somethings to note. The skin I cobbled together is not very good. Its main purpose was to expose the names of the different keys so people could build their own better skins. Also the PrintScreen key doesn’t display no matter what you do and their is some weirdness around the NumLock key. Unless someone tells me otherwise these are pretty low priority bugs.

Unification of the Teensy and Arduino firmwares
This likely doesn’t affect too many people other than myself. The Teensy firmware was completely duplicated code ported from the Arduino codebase. This meant I had to make any change to the controllers supported by the Teensy twice, once in the Arduino codebase and once in the Teensy codebase. Now through the magic of conditional compilation its all one codebase. The benefit many people will eventually see is that its now way easier to port existing Arduino-only controllers to the Teensy. In fact I already added SMS, Genesis and Saturn support to the Teensy to prove out my conditional complitation logic.

One thought to “RetroSpy 3.7 Release”

  • Marc B├╝chel

    Hey zoggins. I appreciate your work. Your doing good work for the comunity. THX alot

    But i have a question and maybe you can help me.
    I couldnt find any soloution, thats why i write you. Im currently playing on my MiSTer FPGA and im using a USB snes controller (Buffalo)
    I use Retroy spy and i can connetct and everything. my inputs where there. But i was not able to add a snes controller skin for the input display, just the 4 diffrent skins witch are already in there.

    Do u know how i can add a Snes controller skin for MiSTer.

    Thx alot and greetings from Liechtenstein

    LG Marc

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