Supported macOS versions are Catalina (Intel), Big Sur (Intel & Apple Silicon), Monterey (Intel & Apple Silicon) and Ventura (Intel & Apple Silicon).

Step 1: Update Security Settings

Go into Settings -> Privacy & Security and make sure “App Store and identified developers” is checked, not just “App Store.”

Step 2: Download the latest RetroSpy

Download the latest macOS version from here. Double click RetroSpyInstall.dmg to mount it.  Drag the RetroSpy folder to your Applications folder.

Step 3: Installation Complete

You can open RetroSpy from Launchpad to start the main RetroSpy UI.  You may have to select “Allow” for some of the dlls, but once you have clicked them all everything should be good.  Also installed are the RetroSpy Pixel Viewer and RetroSpy Pixel Updater, for use with the RetroSpy Pixel Gameboy Printer Emulator.  The last item installed is the RetroSpy Vision USB Updater, for use with the RetroSpy Vision USB hardware.