Supported Windows versions are Windows 10 (x86 & x64) and Windows 11 (x64).

Step 1: Download the latest RetroSpy

It is important to not plug in your hardware until after you have completed the software installation to ensure the hardware drivers are installed properly.  Download the latest Windows version from here for x86 or here for x64. Run the installer.  There will be some pop up windows to install the required drivers and .NET 7.0.

Step 2: Installation Complete

You can open RetroSpy from Start Menu to start the main RetroSpy UI.  Also installed are the RetroSpy Pixel Viewer and RetroSpy Pixel Updater, for use with the RetroSpy Pixel Gameboy Printer Emulator.  The last item installed is the RetroSpy Vision USB Updater, for use with the RetroSpy Vision USB hardware.