Download the latest RetroSpy release here.

A fork of NintendoSpy, RetroSpy is designed to present controller inputs from a console or computer in a display window. This allows you to show your controller inputs for things like speedrunning, game tutorials, and more. You can also convert controller presses into keystrokes to control programs on your computer such as LiveSplit and OBS. RetroSpy supports the following systems and their regional equivalents:

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Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation

Classic/Mini Consoles


Peripheral Emulation

To-Do List

  • Reduce USB input latency of USB spying
  • Display UI for Mac and Linux

Support Wishlist

  • 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter on Switch
  • Xbox One
  • NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro
  • Pippin Wireless Controllers

Hardware Wishlist

  • ColecoVision Steering Wheel
  • Atari 5200 Trackball Controller
  • Steel Battalion Xbox Controller
  • CDTV Trackball
  • Genesis XE-1 AP
  • HyperScan
  • Casio Loopy
  • Bandai Playdia

Special Thanks

Big thanks to Brian Khuu and other contributors for decoding the GBP protocol and making Arduino Game Boy Printer Emulator, which can be found at